Next year Lithuania and other Baltic states will commemorate 70th anniversary of mass deportation and extermination executed by Nazi and Soviet regimes in 1941. There are still some victims of those crimes alive, yet witnesses are progressively disappearing. Therefore it is of crucial importance to record and preserve their testimonies, thus commemorating the victims, preserving memory and rethinking past, present and future of Europe and the rest of the World.

The overall aim of the project is to keep alive the memory of the victims of Nazism and Stalinism and to improve the knowledge and understanding of present and future generations about scope, character and reasons of mass deportation and extermination by recording, preservation and interpretation of oral testimonies.

Šis projektas finansuojamas remiant Europos Komisijai.
Interneto svetainė atspindi tik autoriaus požiūrį, todėl Komisija negali būti laikoma atsakinga už bet kokį jame pateikiamos informacijos naudojimą.